Workshop „The power of fools“

„The Workshop with Klaus Werner-Lobo has influenced and strengthened our team sustainably positive. The staff members (from over ten countries and cultural environments) had to overcome their limits, open themselves completely, trust blindly and in some places turn their inside out. This was not always easy or comfortable – but all the more effective. Klaus kicked off and guided this process in a great way. Based on that, we have reviewed and edited the principles of behaviour of our team. Thanks to the workshop, today I experience a more open working climate in the whole team and higher disposition to help and vouch for each other.“
Florian Klaass, Head of Global Culture Marketing, Red Bull GmbH

„When you have to deal with people as much as we do in a hotel you have to know a lot about people. Klaus showed us that first of all you have to know yourself in order to work together with others. In the hospitality industry you are on stage constantly. We learned how to stay vulnerable and professional at the same time and how to protect ourselves against humiliation. We’ve had a lot of coachings yet, but in none of them we acquired so many easy and useful tricks to improve our social competence in such a playful way as with Klaus Werner-Lobo.“ Ruth Dellago, Schloss Hotel Korb

Clowns and fools are those who fall, who fail, who loose … and always get up again and again. By accepting their weakness and vulnerability, they free themselves from inner and external constraints, build authentic connections to others and act with trust and self-confidence.

That’s why we love clowns like Charlie Chaplin: They make us laugh about the beauty of our own ridiculousness. That’s the power of fools: As soon as I accept my imperfection, as soon as I laugh about my fears to fail I will lose that fears, and I start to connect with myself. And with others, accepting their imperfection. And this connection is the base of happiness.

This is a workshop for everybody who wants to overcome the fear of failing and of being ridiculous. For those who look for freedom and true connection with their inner self and others – friends, partners, collegues or the entire audience at public presentations. We will achieve that with playful group exercises and a provocative, emotionally challenging but always humorous and loving examination of individual patterns of behavior.

Klaus Werner-Lobo lives as an author, actor and personality trainer in Vienna. He has written internatinal best-sellers on globalization and human rights, was delegate for culture politics in the viennese provincial parliament, studied acting in Rio de Janeiro and worked with internationally successful clowns such as Leo Bassi, Jango Edwards, Avner Eisenberg, Philippe Gaulier and Sue Morrison. By the end of 2016 his book „Free and dangerous – The power of fools“ was published by Benevento.


  • Personal development: Acceptance of imperfection, playfully overcoming wounds, fears and losses, strengthening (self-)confidence, self-irony, vulnerability and relationships
  • Team building: Overcoming expectancies and the narcisstic ego with humour incentives cooperation, trust, empathy and creativity and a playful view on errors, crises and conflict situations
  • Clear the stage: Public presentations without fear and authentic emotional connections with the audience or at meetings for actors/actresses, lectors, students, activists und in business

Workshops can be held in English, German, Portuguese or Spanish


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